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Why didn’t I learn to treat everything like it was the last time. My greatest regret was how much I believed in the future.
written by Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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The witching hour, somebody had once whispered to her, was a special moment in the middle of the night when every child and every grown-up was in a deep deep sleep, and all the dark things came out from hiding and had the world to themselves.
written by Roald Dahl, The BFG (via liquidnight)

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I am happy when I eat fresh fruit, when I burst out laughing, when I discover a new song, when I finish a good book, when I wake up and feel relaxed. I’m glad to have friends, family, a home, food when I’m hungry, hot water when I shower. I love being able to live and see the seasons change, to have gifts at Christmas and at my birthday, to travel sometimes, to have a good education and a great access to culture. I’m flattered when people compliment me, when peole smile at me, when people are polite to me. There are so many things that make life so simple and easy and I will always think about them more than all the bad things that will happen to me. I do not have time to be sad every day and ungrateful; I have every reason in the world to be happy.
written by A few reasons why I’ll always prefer living by elsablt (via thelittleyellowdiary)

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I need to travel – I crave the power of the ocean and the trees give me so much energy to think.
written by Isabel Lucas

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Too much heaviness today.